How to light your bathroom

13 November, 2018

The lighting in the bathroom is one of the key aspects, not only from the decorative point of view but from the benefits that can bring.

Leaving aside natural light, which not all bathrooms have, the most recommended artificial light and which is booming is LED lighting.

The advantages of using this technology are numerous:

  • They have a long life and you can forget for years to change light bulbs.
  • Respect for the environment. They are recyclable and do not contain toxic products such as tungsten or mercury.
  • They generate light, but not heat. They are not a source of energy so they do not give off heat.
  • Economic savings. They do not lose energy, they only emit light, so they consume almost 90% less electricity than the usual light bulbs.
  • Perfect anywhere. They are resistant to high humidity and high temperature conditions.
  • They light up right away. Instant ignition.
  • They have a high chromatic index, thanks to which colors we see them in a “real” way.

In our catalog we have incorporated this lighting in different versions.

Backlit mirrors: the most desired by our customers, since they combine design and utility. With blue touch technology, they can also incorporate bluetooth or anti-fog.

Neus set with backlit mirror

Mirrors with integrated lighting: the LED strip placed in the upper part of the frame is completely camouflaged with the frame.

Mirrors with cornice and spotlights: for those more traditional we have cornices with LED spotlights.

Mirror lights: these complementary accessories can be added to any mirror and are ideal if you do not want to change your bathroom, but if you add an extra point of light. In our product section you will find many more.

bathroom set with backlit mirror